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Text Box: Position : Founder / Owner
Time Employed : 26 years
Favorite Drink : Tall Svedka and Diet Coke
Hobbies : Reading, Boating.
Favorite Movie :
Favorite Past Time : 
Favorite Quote : Fathers with teenagers know why animals eat their young.
Most Embarrassing Moment :

Text Box: Position : Owner / Manager
Time Employed : 13 years
Favorite Drink : Coffee.
Hobbies : Computers,  Taking in nature.
Favorite Movies : Goonies, Predator I, II & III, Aliens I, II, III & IV .
Favorite Quote : Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what your up to. 
Favorite Food : Red meat, bloody red meat and raw bloody red meat.
Favorite Music : Ambient music.
Most Embarrassing Moment : 

Text Box: Position : Assistant Manager
Time Employed : 2.5 years
Favorite Drink : Whiskey & Coke
Hobbies : Playing Basket Ball, Sports, Video Games, Chillen.
Favorite Shows : Sport Center, Scrubs, Shark Tank, How I Met Your Mother, House, Dave Chappelle show, South Park, Venture brothers.
Favorite Quote : Your laughing…..I’m not!!
Favorite Music : All except Country
Most Embarrassing Moment : That one night I can’t remember. 
Chad AKA Shadow
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